BBC Sport – World Cup 2010 – Graphics & Visual Effects Reel

For the South African World Cup 2010 we joined the BBC in the IBC in Johannesburg to produce some fantastic visual effects and dramatic graphics content for their World Cup coverage.

For the 5 weeks out in Johannesburg our long time collaborator Marcus Wheat alongside Graham Clarkin built a close working relationship with various BBC Producers, Editors & Creative Directors that enabled us to deliver any graphics content they needed, from simple & dynamic text animations to complex & movie-like visual effects, using a combination of 3D & 2D animation, compositing and photographic techniques.

Our technology setup enabled us to closely support the Avid Edits, so we could ingest & playout content as and when needed – this made our integration with the BBC’s Avid work-flow very smooth and fluid, which in-turn helped focus the creativity.