Dancing On Ice – “Better Together” Animation

Ice legends Jayne Torvill and Christopher Dean took their skating routine to a whole new dimension this series with a special interactive performance for which we created this hand-drawn stylised animation.

For the animated part of the performance we didn’t have the luxury of time to hand animate the routine so our first challenge was to come up with a solution to create a hand-drawn sketch style, so we developed an After Effects pipeline using several layers of effects and pre-comps to give us the overall look.

After Torvill and Dean choreographed the routine with various interactive elements (touching the screen / dancing side by side with their counterparts on the ice etc) we shot them against greenscreen on RED Epic at 75fps 5K resolution, this was to give us the best possible pixel information that we needed for the After Effects pipeline.

For the next stage we created several hand animated elements, hearts, stars, circles, pops etc and made extensive use of Trapcode’s Particular to create bursts and trails of these elements. In addition to that we added several layers of Trapcode’s 3D Stroke & Particular to create the swirls and inky trails as they disappear and re-appear throughout the animation.

Finally we added a hand drawn forest and paper texture background to finish.